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More than the sum of its parts

More than the sum of its parts

6 April 2023

A vibrant and inclusive centre of excellence for technical, vocational, and professional learning.

What was formerly three separate organisations – The Institute of Health & Social Care Studies, the Guernsey College of Further Education, and the GTA University Centre – now operate under one umbrella, The Guernsey Institute.

These three organisations are on a journey of integration, coming together to be more than the sum of their parts.

With integration having kicked off in 2020, many things have started to change, but many more will change in the future.

The organisations now work together in certain key areas and have a joint presence when engaging with the community and industry. Staff also come together on a regular basis to work on key developments as The Guernsey Institute continues to form.

But there are many tangible examples of how the integration of the three organisations can benefit them all. The IHSCS has a partnership with Middlesex University, and using the resources of the wider TGI, new higher education courses are now being explored and deployed, including on-island initial teacher training.
Equally, between the three organisations is a now vast network of contacts across the Bailiwick’s various industries. This joint network gives the organisation a huge audience to advertise its offering to, and also an audience to which it can listen and cater its offering to, in turn meeting its objective of providing the island with skilled students.

Jacki Hughes, Executive Principal of The Guernsey Institute, said:

“The GTA University Centre, the Guernsey College of FE, and the Institute of Health & Social Care Studies were all reputable learning establishments before the dawn of The Guernsey Institute. However together, we can be so much more than the sum of our parts. I have been saying that for some time now, but as we continue to integrate operationally, with some major milestones just around the corner, and we continue to move toward our new build, The Guernsey Institute will continue to be able to achieve more.

“We will become a vibrant and inclusive centre of excellence for technical, vocational, and professional learning, which serves industry and our community. We want to be a hub for people in our community to come together and learn. We want to serve industry by offering demand led courses and apprenticeships. We want to give people the chance to learn skills that will serve them for their whole lives. And we want to do all of this while being a pillar of sustainability and inclusivity in the island.”

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